Fuck Everyone, I'm Out: The Best Unfounded Rumors I Heard While Working…

When you are a professional rumormonger, people want to tell you things. They corner you at parties and shout other people's secrets. They call your telephone and whisper. They write urgent emails. » 5/30/12 6:15pm 5/30/12 6:15pm

How to Sell a Gay Sex Story to the National Enquirer

Eight new gay groping claims, two scrotum assaults, and one anus attack later, John Travolta's masseur-gate is in full swing—not that you'd know if you only got your news from The New York Times, which has yet to file a report on the megawatt star accused of manhandling nearly enough service industry employees to… » 5/23/12 1:38pm 5/23/12 1:38pm

'Camel Toe Advocate' Invents Camel-Toe-Proof Panties

As part of Gawker's ongoing effort to keep readers apprised of innovation in the underwear supplement industry (fart-neutralizing undies, penis-enhancing undies, calorie-absorbing undies, sexy period undies) may I now present Camelflage, "the original visual privacy undergarment" for eliminating camel toe with a… » 5/18/12 2:08pm 5/18/12 2:08pm

Tanning Mom Poses for Paparazzi Without Bra

At home in Nutley, New Jersey, Tanning Mom Petricia Krentcil is living like a regular starlet. Here she is cavorting for the paparazzi, braless and with her clothing askew. » 5/17/12 1:47pm 5/17/12 1:47pm

Obsessed Plastic Surgery Twins Are Masters of Penis Enlargement

Meet Maurizio and Roberto Viel. They are twin brothers who co-own a plastic surgery practice and have performed multiple procedures on one another to increase their resemblance. (Maurizio gave Roberto a nose job; Roberto plumped Maurizio's face.) One surgery they have not performed on each other, however, is their… » 5/15/12 3:16pm 5/15/12 3:16pm

John Derbyshire Comes Out of the 'White Supremacist' Closet

Avowed racist and aspiring butler John Derbyshire is back from literary exile. Fired from The National Review for failing to adequately veil his racism, the Derb has now taken up residence at VDARE, a hate group. » 5/14/12 12:11pm 5/14/12 12:11pm

When My Mother and I Were Obsessed with Death

For four years, my mother had a crippling fear of death. It started during her first bout with breast cancer. While recovering from her mastectomy, she insisted on driving my father to and from work, so that if he died in a car accident she'd be there to say good-bye. Nobody in our family was allowed to drive in bad… » 5/13/12 1:45pm 5/13/12 1:45pm

Mom Who Posed With Boob in Preschooler's Mouth: 'It's Not Right for…

Jamie Lynne Grumet, whose left breast achieved stardom this week by appearing on the cover of Time while inside her nearly four-year-old son's mouth, went on the Today Show to discuss the controversial cover. With son Aram mewling by her side (wouldn't it be great if she'd whipped out a tit and shoved it in his mouth,… » 5/11/12 12:16pm 5/11/12 12:16pm

Mom Puts Boob in Preschooler's Mouth on Cover of Time

Meet Aram Grumet. He is one month shy of four years old and he breast feeds. To illustrate a feature package on attachment parenting, Time had Aram stand on a chair and suck his mother's teat while gazing into the camera. The resulting photo will soon be on every newsstand in America. » 5/10/12 12:09pm 5/10/12 12:09pm

'Lost Photos' of Marilyn Monroe Mostly the Same Old Photos of Marilyn…

This month, Vanity Fair's neverending quest to reanimate the corpse of Marilyn Monroe takes the form of "never-before-published pictures" of Monroe. Billed as "The Lost Nudes" on the magazine's cover, the images are outtakes of photos that appeared twice in Playboy—and now Playboy is irate at the suggestion that the… » 5/09/12 2:50pm 5/09/12 2:50pm

John Travolta's Allegedly Gay Penis: A History

After decades of rumored gay bath house orgies and Scientology "cures," John Travolta's sex life is back in the news with sexual battery charges from a pair of male masseurs. Running parallel to the story of John Travolta's rise to fame is the story of his allegedly gay penis' rise to infamy. Now presenting John… » 5/09/12 1:41pm 5/09/12 1:41pm